What is soft wash?

Soft wash is the process of pre-treating an area with eco-friendly detergents then using a low-pressure water stream to wash away dirt and grime. It is very effective!

What is the green stuff on my roof?

Roofs that are at least partially shaded or near large trees often accumulate organic growth, such as moss, mold, and mildew. This can appear as green growth or black streaks. Regardless of what type of roof you have, organic matter will slowly eat away at the shingles and decrease the lifespan of your roof. To avoid costly roofing repairs, consider Love Power Washing’s gentle soft wash to restore your shingles to a like-new finish.

How do I know if deck restoration is right for me?

It is not uncommon to see moss or mold growing on the deck and think it is a sign that the deck needs to be replaced. However, many times a good power washing and sealing the deck with a new coat of stain is all that is needed to restore a like-new finish. Have a technician from Love Power Washing provide you with a free consultation today!

I have a HOA or city violation, can power washing help me?

Many times yes! Love Power washing can assist with moss removal from your roof, stone, or concrete. We can restore curb appeal with our house wash, roof wash, and concrete cleaning. Give us a call to discuss your specific violation, and we will be honest and upfront about whether or not power washing is right for you!

Will power washing help me sell my house faster?

Absolutely! Power washing is a great and inexpensive way to dramatically increase curb appeal. We’ve saved our customers thousands of dollars by restoring curb appeal without having to paint or replace siding. We’ve also removed unsightly stains from brick and moss/mold growth from roof shingles.

What are the white streaks on my brick house?

If your house is a combination of aluminum siding and brick, these chalky streaks are most likely aluminum siding oxidation. You may have also already discovered that regular power washing was unable to remove the stains. At Love Power Washing, we have a variety of eco-friendly products that can remove even the most stubborn stains. Let one of our technicians give you a free consultation today!

What are the brown stains on my concrete?

Most likely, the brown or reddish colored stains on your concrete are rust and they are very stubborn to remove. For us, a combination of special detergents and power washing have proven effective at removing these stubborn stains. See our before and after pictures for examples. Love Power Washing provides free consultations and quotes to help you understand what service is best to have your home or business looking its best!

Will power washing ruin my landscaping?

Plants are living things and they are sensitive to changes in the environment, which can include repairs being done on and around the outside of your home. At Love Power Washing, we take the utmost precaution in protecting our clients’ green space. At your request, larger shrubs and small trees can be covered before we begin service. We will select eco-friendly detergents in the cleansing of your home, patio, or walkway and finish our service with a gentle, cleansing stream of water to any area that was exposed to the cleaning process.